Channel Manager and Direct Booking Engine

Everything you need to acquire guests online and manage their stay

Our accommodation management platform is an all in one solution for acquiring bookings online and managing customer stays. It combines a channel manager, a direct booking service and a front desk system for a single fixed monthly fee.

All three components of our platform come with personlised support and integrate perfectly with our other services like our custom websites, and domain management; creating a one-stop shop for managing your online presence.

Our Accommodation Management Platform will streamline all admin tasks including:

Pricing Calculator

We offer a flexible monthly pricing scheme tailored to each client’s business.

Our Solution Integrates with the following Channels and more:
Agoda Homes
FeWo Direkt iCal
Google Hotel Ads
Hostelling International

Tripadvisor Rentals

Gain meaningful insights into your accommodation with advanced reporting

Unlock meaningful insights into your accommodation operations. Our reporting feature is completely customisable and leverages all the data collected from our all in one platform approach.

The benefit of this is that it allows you to avoid partitioned reports from your typical 2 or more legacy services. In turn, letting you better understand the impacts of actions across your operation on your room utilisation.

A complete front desk to provide stress-free customer experiences

Our front desk (Property Manager) makes it easy to check-in and out customers, keep pricing and availability in sync, and deliver superior customer experiences.

Beyond the basic features, our front desk offers an advanced feature set allowing for sophisticated pricing strategies to further maximum room yields.

In addition, our front desk is cloud-based and optimised for screens of all sizes, making it easy to access your front desk on the go from your tablet or phone.

Direct Bookings Made Compelling

Our direct booking system lets customers make bookings 24/7 from your website in a seamless fashion, with a complete visual integration into your website.

We leverage our website design expertise and technologies to embed our booking system directly into your website to give a native experience. In contrast, must booking engines are either confined to a single page on your website with generic branding, or are a separate window creating a jarring and unprofessional professional presentation.

Interested in a free 60 day trail?

Enjoy a free 60 day of our complete solution complete with setup assistance and full support access.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have no minimal contract period with monthly billing as well as yearly billing available.

For assisted setups, a custom cost is incurred based upon your requirements. New accommodation providers will incur a higher setup cost, while clients transferring from an existing channel manager will have a faster setup time. 

The underlying components of our system are proven over years of use. While general service availability is 99.8%, when this is coupled with the nature of a channel manager this results in an extremely reliable system with listings on 3rd party booking sites not being dependent on our services to show your listing.

Yes. We can add your booking system to your website with styling of the booking page being styled to match your website perfectly.

Have a different question?

We encourage anyone interested in our accommodation management platform to contact us to experience the personalised and responsive support experience that we provide.

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have, as well as to provide a free consultation and an audit of your current booking system and website.

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