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How to create a powerful social media strategy for food products

What makes for effective social media varies between each industry while being influenced by what your selling and your objectives. This means the only underlying characteristics of an effective social strategy is that it be agile, leverage consumer tastes and take advantage of the algorithms social platforms use to decide post visibility.

5 ways your cafe is loosing patrons & how to fix them

Unless a cafe or restaurant has A+ street frontage they can’t just rely on impromptu customers to maintain adequate sales. Instead, they need to be more proactive to attract customers. Of course, most owners know this but their execution when it comes to their marketing efforts is limited.

Why a website is not just about finding customers

A lot of business owners view a website just as a way to passively generate new business, and of course, websites are great at it, but it’s not all that they do. Because a website is not just about helping customers find your business online. The more complex and expensive the product or service the […]

How to take your pizza business online & compete with the big guys

Domino’s continues to not only dominate the existing Australian pizza market but to actually grow consumer demand for pizza across the country. The primary driver for this growth beyond consistently keeping downward pressure on pricing regardless of the cost of ingredients is their continued adoption of technology to drive sales.

A look at a possible booking site tactic for cannibalising direct accommodation bookings

As the ABC’s show The Checkout demonstrated in April online booking services and agents are often not beneficial to both consumers as well as accommodation providers. But at the same time, accommodation providers are increasingly dependent on them for bookings.

What is a Proposal & why is it Critical for high Value Projects?

As all my clients know, I provide a proposal and a contract before the start of each project. But why do I produce a proposal instead of just a quote like most design agencies? It’s true that they are more time-consuming to produce. But, I believe the value they contribute to securing work, as well […]