Are you running your business’s online presence blind?

An effective business comes down to effective decision-making but what drives those decisions? For a lot of startups, it is guesswork, replication of competitors or sometimes even ego. But the right answer is that all decision-making should be informed by data and nothing else. In the absence of data, it’s just guesswork, which means…

Your Business Needs A Mailing List & Here’s Why

Are you experiencing lacklustre results with your social media marketing? We look at the most common cause of the problem and show why starting a mailing list in 2018 is still a great way to supplement your other inbound marketing efforts. Why start a mailing list in 2018? To understand why you need an email mailing list you need to unders…
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Find New Customers & Grow Your Business With Google AdWords

Every week, AIC Technologies helps business owners by designing websites for them. But, often these business owners then fail when it comes to developing strategies for driving traffic to their new sites. It’s true that a website can result in extra sales on its own, and this is part of what is called passive marketing. But for small…

How can a website help a florist grow & succeed?

Every business should have a website. But the value to a florist store is particularly high. This is because a website is a perfect fit for the needs of their customers. Of course, a website also helps their businesses be discovered by customers. But this is only half of the equation, it can also provide meaningful value to customers creat…

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