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SEO: A Worked Example of the Potential Benefits

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital component to any successful business’s digital marketing strategy and it’s also one of the most rewarding components with an excellent return on investment (ROI). But for an outsider, it’s also a daunting aspect of marketing online that’s difficult to understand and can often be seen as a nebulous concept that can be ignored.

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6 Ways For Your Business’s Facebook Page To Stand Out

Your fans have feeds overflowing with content and it’s hard to get your page’s posts in front of them as a result. But there are ways to stand out and improve the probability of appearing in their feeds in the first place.

These 6 ways will make your posts more unique both from the perspective of your fans as well as by Facebook itself.

To elaborate on the latter, you can leverage Facebook’s algorithms to your advantage. The reason to do this is because of the organic reach of posts, where Facebook normally only displays them to roughly 30% of your fans.

1. Native Video:

Facebook wants to maintain its social media dominance. This means beating new video-centric social media platforms like Snapchat. To achieve this, they have weighted their algorithms so native videos are visible in user feeds more frequently than other post types. Videos are also larger than other post types helping to grab a fan’s attention.

In the picture below you can see the difference in sizing between videos hosted on Facebook itself and offsite videos hosted on YouTube etc.

Social Media facebook video


2. Business Milestones

An often overlooked feature of pages is the ability to add milestones to your page. As a result of the feature being neglected it has not been overused and is a means of reaching your fans in a way that is going to stand out in their feeds.
Business milestones example

3. Native Content:

External links are great, but 80% of Facebook usage occurs on mobiles. This means load times are a key consideration as they create friction when a fan tries to consume your external content. One solution is to post anything less than 350 words on Facebook itself.

4. Scheduling:

facebook schedulingThe benefit of scheduling posts cannot be overestimated. It can be done via your page’s dashboard or it can be done with a 3rd party service such asHootsuite. The benefit of using a service like Hootsuite is that it is able to determine the best time to post content. Whereas if you choose to do scheduling manually you will have to decide this for yourself. You can do this through a combination of trial and error as well as analysis of your page’s insights.
post scheduling

The reason scheduling is effective is because content is not posted in a continuous stream and users are not always on Facebook. As a result, you can find the optimal time to post where the least amount of content is being posted and the most amount of users are online.

I would recommend initially scheduling your posts between 10 AM and 2 PM. But, the optimal time is dependent on your industry. You may find better results for example as a cafe reaching your customers between 7-9 AM & 11-1 PM. If you own a cafe or similar business you want to reach your fans when they have intent to buy e.g. looking to buy a morning coffee.

Also, if your fans are international a reasonable time to post here may be the early hours of the morning there.

5. Social Media Optimisation:

Businesses often overlook optimising their website’s content for social media sharing. When you or a 3rd party share a link on Facebook, a preview is automatically created.

However, without proper optimisation the data is still sourced from the link provided. But the preview is created from text and imagery not designed for sharing. Optimisation allows you to control all the data that Facebook uses to create a more professional appearance.

Without, you get this kind of result, in this case, a customer has shared a website and an opportunity has been missed to control the message and the branding. In addition, it does not stand out like the one above.
Gin example

6. Promotional Offers:

Another underused feature is the ability to offer fans a discount on one or more products. Just go to create a post for your page, and switch the post type to offer, enter your offer and link to where they can claim it.
facebook offering

The key here is to not over complicate the execution. Create a blog post or page on your website with an offer code like “2015firesale”. Then just ask them to quote this offer code over the phone, in person or via your contact form.


These are just some of the ways your page can stand out. If your Facebook page is not meeting up with your expectations adopting one or more of these ideas will help.

Have a question? Please head over to the AIC Technologies Facebook page and ask away!

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Are you Creating Value for Your Facebook Fans? Probably not…

Social Media Marketing is considered by many to be the marketing frontier for small businesses, but poor execution is leading to a poor return on investment. This poor execution can be synthesised down to businesses exploiting their fan base’s trust and constantly pushing products and services at them. This disincentives fans from engaging with a brand on Facebook because there is no value being created for them by consuming the brand’s posts.

So how do you create value? Value is created by posting contextually relevant content. This content must have one of these four components:

  • Helps to enhance your credibility
  • Curate’s content, content that appeals to your target customer & is displayed as compelling native content.
  • Creates engagement through conversation facilitation.
  • Creates future leverage.

Bupa Australia’s Facebook page is an example of this approach, you can see that they are achieving more than one of the above components in a single post:

Here is another example, from my business AIC Technologies:

In this an example, the font and colours are all part of our brand, but the content serves no function other than to appeal to our fans. Who are these fans? small business owners, so the content has a high probability of appealing to them because of its relevancy to them.

90% of the content your business shares should be able to be classified as one of the above categories. The other 10% can be used for more traditional marketing, consumption of this content is going to be a lot higher than it otherwise be if you were exclusively posting marketing. This approach is often referred to as the jab, jab, jab, right hook approach. The metaphor relates to the sport of boxing, where the same approach is adopted. If a customer is able to predict every action that your business makes, they will be guarded against them. Alternatively, if only 1 in 10 actions is the knockout, they are going to be exposed to it.

Another example is a friend recommending a cafe because it makes ‘the best coffee’ they have ever had. Other factors aside, you are going to believe what they are saying is true. However, if its the 10th time they have recommended a cafe as the best this month, the recommendation has no creditably. The same is going to be true for your fans. When you post 9 consecutive marketing posts, how do your Facebook fan’s differentiate one post from another. Your page’s posts become background noise in their feed.

Creating meaningful value to facebook fans creates leverage that can be used to ultimately create more sales.

The above post is an example of a right hook. It has only one function, to funnel customers to the AIC Technologies website. In its own right, it creates no value for a fan of the page. This post is pinned on the facebook page to always be the first post a customer sees on the page. This is because no facebook fan is going to visit the page unless they are engaged with the content and looking to purchase products and services.

Me writing this post is an example of both creating value to you while at the same communicating my expertise in the field. There may be a ‘jab’ somewhere in this post that links to a sales page for example but its not the core function of this post. The core function is to create value and engagement with my brand.

So next time you are posting something to your business’s social media presence think about its function and its value to your fans. What behaviour is the post likely to generate from its viewer? are they going to share it, open it, agree with it? Disagree with it? If it’s just an advert the answer is going to be no. An Advert at a fundamental level does not change because of the medium that it is communicated. Ask yourself, if this was in a magazine, would the reader cut it out and share it with a friend? Physical effort notwithstanding.

Has this post creating value for you? Why not share this post on Facebook as a way of saying thankyou.

hootsuite dashboard for blog post

What is HootSuite & How Does it Help me Get my Business on More Social Networks?

Social Media Marketing is of increasing importance for both physical product and service oriented businesses but it can seem daunting to maintain a presence on every network for SMBs. While you should always regularly review your social media presence and adjust it to reflect where your customers are, another component to successful managing your Social Media Presence is improving your scalability through software and automation. HootSuite is once such product/service that helps to improve the quality of your content, its regularity, its reachability and the surface area in which it is distributed. For a quick summary of what HootSuite is you can watch this quick video:

Perhaps the best feature is the ability to schedule content for the upcoming month for example and have it automatically distributed across your social media presence i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. simultaneously. As you can image this is an excellent time saving tool and offers the opportunity for a massive productivity boost. You can see this feature in action below:

If you think about the capacity of the majority of blogging platforms to schedule publication dates and then combine it with the two features mentioned above, it becomes possible to sit down and spend 3-6 hours writing and scheduling your business’s social media presence for the upcoming month in a single sitting. This then frees up time for other business tasks or alternatively you can use the time you have saved to interact with users on your social media channels in real time. After all it is perhaps the conversation that your content creates with your customers that is most valuable.

Consistently publishing quality original content to your social media channels not only has a direct benefit in terms of capturing new customers and increasing engagement but also in terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as well. Just how critical is fresh content to SEO? In the case of Google, the quality of the content and its frequency directly contributes to a stronger SEO rank and the same benefit can be assumed for other major search engines.

As a quick slight deviation, you might be wondering what quality content is in the context of SEO, perhaps the most certain indicator from Google’s perspective is the originality of the content but other contributing factors include the diversity of your content and its mobile optimisation. In practice this includes using more than just text in your content i.e. images, video, audio and user interactions.

If you need help getting setup or have a question about managing your social media presence feel free to get in touch, I am always happy to help.

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