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How to create a powerful social media strategy for food products

What makes for effective social media varies between each industry while being influenced by what your selling and your objectives. This means the only underlying characteristics of an effective social strategy is that it be agile, leverage consumer tastes and take advantage of the algorithms social platforms use to decide post visibility.

SEO: A Worked Example of the Potential Benefits

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital component to any successful business’s digital marketing strategy and it’s also one of the most rewarding components with an excellent return on investment (ROI). But for an outsider, it’s also a daunting aspect of marketing online that’s difficult to understand and can often be seen as a nebulous […]

6 Ways For Your Business’s Facebook Page To Stand Out

Your fans have feeds overflowing with content and it’s hard to get your page’s posts in front of them as a result. But there are ways to stand out and improve the probability of appearing in their feeds in the first place. These 6 ways will make your posts more unique both from the perspective […]

Are you Creating Value for Your Facebook Fans? Probably not…

Social Media Marketing is considered by many to be the marketing frontier for small businesses, but poor execution is leading to a poor return on investment. This poor execution can be synthesised down to businesses exploiting their fan base’s trust and constantly pushing products and services at them. This disincentives fans from engaging with a […]

What is HootSuite & How Does it Help me Get my Business on More Social Networks?

Social Media Marketing is of increasing importance for both physical product and service oriented businesses but it can seem daunting to maintain a presence on every network for SMBs. While you should always regularly review your social media presence and adjust it to reflect where your customers are, another component to successful managing your Social […]