Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing packages are designed to acquire customers and keep them consistently engaged with your business

We can offer clients custom ongoing digital marketing solutions specifically designed for service-based businesses that currently lack ongoing digital marketing. Our solutions allow you to establish a holistic ongoing marketing program that is designed to increase bookings. This is done by better capitalising on your existing marketing efforts, and customer base. The service is focused on ensuring a positive return on investment month on month, and is backed by custom graphics design, copywriting and web design.

There are two components to our marketing approach:

Customer Acquisition

Google AdWords

Search engine advertising is used at a fixed agreed budget to drive customers who have immediate purchase intent to your website. These customers can be tailored to your business priority, by prioritising customers who want a particular service or are in a specific area.

Ongoing Website Improvement

Your website is the customer’s window into your business and their first impression of your business. By studying customer behaviour on the website, we identify opportunities to boost the customer’s interest in your services, in turn increases the effectiveness of your Adwords spend.

Customer Retention

Email Marketing

The foundation of our service is ongoing email marketing to past customers to increase customer retention. This is done through regular emails but also through sophisticated automated email funnels. Over time, email marketing will form an expanding role in growing sales as your email list increases.

Facebook Retargeting

Facebook advertising is used alongside our email marketing as well as your other marketing efforts to reengage both new and old customers with new value propositions and offers that engage them with your brand where previous attempts failed. Through our CRM, Facebook Retargeting is automated for maximum efficiency.

Our Main Point of Difference

Our service includes our custom digital marketing platform. This platform has the potential to revolutionize your business by introducing a single interface to manage your entire online presence, while dramatically improving the customer experience through intelligent automation and processes. 

No. Our advertising packages are month to month, and have no setup cost or cancellation fee. As with all our services, we are confident that are service provide consistently compelling month to month value for your business, making lock-in contracts redundant. 

Our digital marketing platform provides a comprehensive suit of features to meet the needs of all most any business. This includes social media post scheduling and option, email marketing, review collection, reporting, appointment scheduling, CRM, landing page creation, and a number of other features.

You should see an immediate impact on sales in the first week, with a positive return on investment in the very first month, or second month for businesses that have complex factors to work through. It can then take up to six months for peak efficiency to be reached.

We track and measure every customer sale generated as a result of our marketing efforts. These results can then be viewed by you in real-time through our digital marketing platform. As well as in our monthly performance reports.

Email marketing is a key element of our digital marketing efforts as it increases the life time value of each customer we obtain for you via Google advertising. In other words, email marketing multiplies the effectiveness of just Google Ads, in such a way that overtime, email marketing will begin to make up a larger and larger component of sales created through our service, while the cost of the marketing remains the same.

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