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Business-grade email solutions for businesses of all sizes

Our email solutions are designed for businesses of all sizes to enjoy reliable, secure and fast email hosting for their company’s needs. While our optional enterprise grade spam and virus protection service helps to better prevent security issues brought about through traditional spam filtering found in typical email services. In addition, as part of our proactive management approach we monitor all client domain names for spam blacklisting issues, and monitor for domain/DNS record changes that could impact your email services.

Standard IMAP Email

Reliable, easy to setup and backed by our personalised support.
$ 47
Per User / Per Year
  • 20GB of Email Storage P/U
  • 100% Uptime
  • Backup Email Server
  • Optional Brandable Webmail for Staff
  • Outlook and Apple Mail Compatible

Microsoft Exchange Email

The leading business grade email solution. Perfect for enhancing staff productivity.
$ 130
Per User / Per Year
  • 50GB of Email Storage P/U
  • 100% Uptime
  • Backup Email Server
  • Easy Exchange Outlook Setup
  • Contact & Task Sync between devices
  • Calendar Sync between devices
  • Email tagging supported

Enterprise Grade Threat Protection Service

Our enterprise grade spam filtering solution operates independently of our email service providing a higher level of redundancy with backup mail storage while also filtering threats such as viruses prior to being delivered to a user’s inbox. This approach effectively eliminates user error such as opening phishing links or downloading viruses hidden within Word documents and alike.

$2.77 Per User/Per Month

To include this optional service alongside your email services just let us know.

Email Archiving

Our email archiving service provides improved staff productivity, greater business continuity and legal protection. This is achieved by saving all emails received and sent for all users regardless of whether they are deleted by staff. All emails can then be searched through a single search interface.

$4.40 Per User/Per Month

To include this service alongside your email services just let us know.

Not sure what your business needs? A consultation is the next step​

We offer a flexible range of email services and addons to deliver better value, features and reliability tailored to your requirements. Through a quick call we can understand your needs and recommend an email solution for your business.

Our  Promise to You

AIC Technologies has been in business since 2009, and believes in developing long term relationships with all of our clients. As a result, our goal is 100% customer retention year on year, without any contracts, and a clause in all of contracts to provide a free transfer to any other hosting provider if the client chooses to do so.

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