Remote Support

Remote Support

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below we have included some of the most commonly asked questions relating to our remote support.

Our remote support tool uses roughly the same amount of data as a video being streamed on Facebook or Youtube, with the addition of some extra traffic from commands being sent.

It is very rare to encounter an issue with a client’s internet speed. If you are able to stream a video, there should be no issue. For clients that do have a poor internet connection, we can still remote into your computer, but will complete work at a slower pace to an increased delay between our screen and your screen.

No. Access to your computer is limited just to the support session, and once the session is ended we will no longer have any access to your computer. When we do have access to your computer, a notice will be present on your screen letting you know this.

Generally yes. We are primarily a website design agency, and do not provide IT support normally beyond addressing email issues, and training sessions. Clients who have a large network of computers can request that we we organise permanent access to speed up support requests.

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