Dedicated email solutions for businesses of all sizes

Standard Email

Reliable & expandable business grade email that is perfect for value conscious buyers

3.95 Mon
  • 25GB Storage
  • 100% Uptime
  • Backup Email Server
  • Optional Email Archiving
  • Optional Active Sync
  • Optional Brandable Webmail
  • Easy Autodiscover Outlook Setup

Exchange Email

The world's leading business grade email solution. Perfect for enhancing staff productivity & protecting data

10.86 Mon
  • 75GB Email Storage
  • 100% Uptime
  • Backup Email Server
  • Easy Exchange Outlook Setup
  • Contact & Task Sync between devices
  • Calendar Sync between devices
  • Email tagging supported

1 Password 2 Services

Streamline staff login details by tying their email account and password to their own license of Office making it easy for staff to stay productive in the office and offsite.

Australian Support

Enjoy Australian support for all your office 365 issues and questions complete with outside hours support and remote desktop support as standard.

Always Up-To-Date

With Office 365 your business will always have the latest version of Microsoft Office ensuring that your staff are as productive as possible, and reducing the burden of upgrade costs and training caused by traditional 4-6 year upgrade cycles.


Enjoy the power of Microsoft OneDrive which makes the backing up of staff documents automatic, plus easy recover past versions of documents. Plus make changing between devices and upgrading hardware seamless, just sign in and all documents will be there.

Bundle Microsoft Office 365 Business

8.27 PUPM
  • Always Up to date Office Suite
  • 5 Devices Supported for each licence
  • OneDrive Business
  • The Microsoft Office Suite Staff Know & Love
  • Vertically Intergrated Support
  • Includes Sharepoint