Comprehensive web solutions to deliver an effective & secure online experience for your customers

We help businesses to create and maintain effective online presences. This is achieved by offering a holistic approach to setting up and maintaining the components that make this online presence. This results in a more coherent online presence both in terms of presentation as well as security and efficiency. The alternative is a series of fragment services, a lack of accountability and burden on the client to coordinate and maintain the overall online presence. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver an efficient, stress-free and personalised experience to every client.

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Website Design

We create business websites that are fast, beautiful and mobile-friendly. The result is a website that will get your business results. When it’s complete, you’ll also benefit from 6 months of changes free of charge.

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Website Hosting

Improve your website with our fast hosting solutions. Enjoy peace of mind with 100% up time and regular backups. Plus enjoy unlimited free technical support with outside business hours support.

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Website Care Plans

Focus on what you love and let us do the same, managing the websites of businesses. Enjoy solutions that include website maintenance, reputation monitoring, monthly reporting and premium training videos.


Every day we help business owners like you create websites and help consolidate their online presence services to deliver better value and greater customer service.

What our Clients Say

Established in 2009, we've created lasting relationships with all our clients.

Looking for Tips for Your Website and Digital Presence?

Our agency blog provides a collection of posts on all things websites, online security and digital marketing; all of which are inspired by the insights we’ve gained helping clients.


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AIC Technologies provides small businesses looking to succeed online with a complete one-stop shop for WordPress website design, hosting, website maintenance, and client service (care) plans.

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