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But running a business is already hard enough without the added complexity of getting online and keeping everything up to date. It doesn't have to be. Our services have been created and refined to let you stay focused on the core of your business.

Website Design & Setup

We create websites that are fast, beautiful & mobile-friendly. The end result is a professional website that will get your business results. When it's complete, you'll also benefit from 12-months of extended support free of charge.
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Ongoing Management Solutions

Focus on what you love & let us do what we do best, managing the online presences of businesses. Enjoy bespoke solutions that include website maintenance, blog updates, social media posting and TripAdvisor management.
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Website & Email Hosting

Improve your online presence with our fast and scalable hosting solutions. Enjoy peace of mind with 100% up time and hourly backups. Plus streamline IT management and increase productivity with our email & office 365 bundles.
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5 ways your cafe is loosing patrons & how to fix them
Callum Heaney | 4 February 2017 | Business Advice, Digital Marketing | 0 Comments

Unless a cafe or restaurant has A+ street frontage they can’t just rely on impromptu customers to maintain adequate sales. Instead, they need to be more proactive to attract customers.

Of course, most owners know this but their execution when it comes to their marketing efforts is limited. (more…)

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Why a website is not just about finding customers
Callum Heaney | 21 January 2017 | Business Advice, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, Website Advice | 0 Comments

A lot of business owners view a website just as a way to passively generate new business, and of course, websites are great at it, but it’s not all that they do. Because a website is not just about helping customers find your business online. The more complex and expensive the product or service the more this holds to be true. (more…)

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Why some websites keep getting malware & how it can be prevented
Callum Heaney | 23 November 2016 | Website Advice | 0 Comments

Unfortunately almost every website can be comprised with enough resources and time dedicated to doing it. But fortunately, the majority of us will never have a website that attracts enough attention for this to be an issue. Instead, security risks normally come from automated or ‘bot’ hacks targeting websites at random. (more…)

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