Customer Retention

Our customer loyalty speaks for itself

Providing a service like building a website is only the beginning of our commitment to client satisfaction.

Number of websites supported

Every site we build we support

We stand by our websites. The very first websites we built in 2009 are still hosted with us and delivering results for our valued customers. That's 8 years of customer satisfaction, and yes we can provide contact details to prove it.

The AIC Technologies Story So Far

Established in Hobart in 2009 as an IT business. We have evolved over the years, at each step refining the services we offer to better serve our customers.

Today, we are website design and management experts providing clients with quality solutions to their online needs. Focusing on growing relationships with each client into being their trusted digital partners.

It's an ever changing and sometimes enjoyably challenging responsibility. But with over 100 businesses in Tasmania alone relying on us to achieve their online goals on an ongoing basis it's one that we have come to excel at.

When it comes to how we do this, we use proven but free open source technologies like WordPress and the online shopping system WooCommerce. Which have a 59% and 30% of their respective markets. This means we can avoid creating sites that need ongoing licensing fees without compromising on anything.