About Us

The AIC Technologies Story So Far

Established in Hobart in 2009 as a computer repair business. We have evolved since to specialise in the design and management of websites.

Today, we no longer provide any computer selling or repair related services. In its place, our core service is the creation of WordPress websites which we then host and typically manage as well.

Our business philosophy is to deliver high-quality solutions tailored to each client’s needs. With a strategy of focusing on growing relationships with each client into being their trusted digital partners.

It’s an ever-changing and sometimes enjoyably challenging responsibility. But with countless businesses in most states in Australia relying on us to achieve their online goals on an ongoing basis, it’s one that we have come to excel at.

When it comes to how we do this, we use proven but free open source technologies like WordPress and the online shopping system WooCommerce. Which have a 59% and 30% of their respective markets. This means we can avoid creating sites that need ongoing licensing fees without compromising on anything.

What makes us different?

Client Retention

We have achieved 98% customer retention since starting in 2009. This has been achieved through a commitment to client satisfaction, and a business model built around long term relationships rather than completing each website and then forgetting about the client.

Ongoing Hosting and Support

We host every website we have created with just one exception.

Australian Based

We are based in Australia and work with businesses in most states, with a strong focus on Tasmania and Victoria. Beyond just facilitating sales, the technology and infrastructure that underpins our work is also based in Australia. This means that your website will be physically hosted in either Melbourne or Sydney, rather than overseas.

The AIC Technologies Name and Brand History

Since being started in 2009, AIC Technologies has always been the brand name used. Today, it may not be the most creative name for a digital agency, but the name comes from originally being a computer assembly and repair business. In fact, AIC actually stands for Advanced Intuitive Computing. However, by 2012, our business model had completely pivoted to focusing on website design and related services. For those that are curious, you can see a crude copy of the very first website we ever created on the Way Back When Archive Website. The website was made for a client that is still with us today.

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