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Consistently get qualified, high intent traffic that converts to tangible results for your business. All meticulously measured and reported to guarantee peace of mind and results. 

Why Google Ads for your business?

Google Ads (Adwords) is a form of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising that delivers predictable results than can be measured.

Measurable Results

Unlike traditional Ads, Google Ads use a Pay Per Click (PPC) pricing model. This means you only pay for each customer that interacts with your Ad.

Precise Control

In simple terms, Google Ads allows you to increase (or reduce) the volume of interest in your business based on your idle capacity. All while allowing precise budget control.

Motived Customers

Unlike social media ads, Google Ads work by displaying ads to people who show purchase intent through the user’s search terms i.e. “pest control service Hobart”.

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How does Google Ads contribute to a wider digital marketing strategy?

Google Ads for service-based businesses or high-value products has a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from the outset. But at its core, Google Ads is a form of customer acquisition that amplifies your ongoing marketing efforts such as social media, and email marketing by building your audience size.

Freqently Asked Questions

Google Ads provide a superior advertising opportunity when compared to social media advertising. This is because Google ads are displayed to people who are searching for service or solution. Whereas social media advertising shows Ads to people either based on location, or interest in a particular topic, these people typically do not have purchase intent. 

Where Facebook Advertising Works

For example, Facebook advertising works well for cafes because all people need to eat, so displaying an ad to people in a particular area can encourage them to click on the Ad. 

Where Facebook Advertising Fails

In contrast to food, most other needs are time-sensitive. So advertising to attract people to these services is problematic.

For example, if a lawyer wanted to attract customers using Facebook to do so would be costly, since the bulk of people have no need for a lawyer. Whereas with Google Ads, Ads for the same example can be displayed to people searching for "Lawyers in Melbourne".

In almost all instances, businesses can benefit from Google Ads in a tangible way. Service businesses are best suited to Google Ads, but product selling businesses can also benefit provided that the value of the products is moderately high, and competition is such that an ROI can be achieved. 

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