What is HootSuite & How Does it Help me Get my Business on More Social Networks?

Social Media Marketing is of increasing importance for both physical product and service oriented businesses but it can seem daunting to maintain a presence on every network for SMBs. While you should always regularly review your social media presence and adjust it to reflect where your customers are, another component to successful managing your Social Media Presence is improving your scalability through software and automation. HootSuite is once such product/service that helps to improve the quality of your content, its regularity, its reachability and the surface area in which it is distributed. For a quick summary of what HootSuite is you can watch this quick video:

Perhaps the best feature is the ability to schedule content for the upcoming month for example and have it automatically distributed across your social media presence i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. simultaneously. As you can image this is an excellent time saving tool and offers the opportunity for a massive productivity boost. You can see this feature in action below:

If you think about the capacity of the majority of blogging platforms to schedule publication dates and then combine it with the two features mentioned above, it becomes possible to sit down and spend 3-6 hours writing and scheduling your business’s social media presence for the upcoming month in a single sitting. This then frees up time for other business tasks or alternatively you can use the time you have saved to interact with users on your social media channels in real time. After all it is perhaps the conversation that your content creates with your customers that is most valuable.

Consistently publishing quality original content to your social media channels not only has a direct benefit in terms of capturing new customers and increasing engagement but also in terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as well. Just how critical is fresh content to SEO? In the case of Google, the quality of the content and its frequency directly contributes to a stronger SEO rank and the same benefit can be assumed for other major search engines.

As a quick slight deviation, you might be wondering what quality content is in the context of SEO, perhaps the most certain indicator from Google’s perspective is the originality of the content but other contributing factors include the diversity of your content and its mobile optimisation. In practice this includes using more than just text in your content i.e. images, video, audio and user interactions.

If you need help getting setup or have a question about managing your social media presence feel free to get in touch, I am always happy to help.

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